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What is an LABC Partner?

The LABC Partner Authority Scheme is designed to help those companies that operate in multiple locations and deal with many local authorities. The scheme enables a company to have a one to one working relationship with a preferred local authority for advice and plan appraisal. The site inspections are carried out by the local authority where each project is carried out. There are a number of benefits to this scheme including:

In summary, the client benefits from a single point of contact, consistent approach, improved pre-application service and still benefits from local knowledge, excellent liaison with other services such as Fire, Police and Environmental Health.

Who do Space Industries partner with?

Space Industries initially developed their LABC Partnership with Poole Borough Council Building Consultancy who provided excellent service and the relationship allowed the opportunity to work in a unique way on a number of diverse projects, where a Partner, partnered with another Partner with the local authority overseeing, advising and approving the schemes.

Space Industries now also work in partnership with Purbeck District Council Building Control. This new partnership has helped Space Industries because it enables building regulation applications to be processed and approved in a seamless and very efficient manner.

Why use an LABC Partner?

On complicated projects, early meetings are held with Purbeck DC at the initial design stage, before formal submission. The design is discussed and often improvements are made at these meetings so that the final design of the building works for our client is submitted in the knowledge that it meets the requirements of the Building Regulations and fire safety.

On our partnered, repeat client projects the basic design principals are agreed from the outset and then these schemes are rolled out around the country with consistency, with Purbeck DC advising the local Inspecting Authorities how the scheme has been checked. Specifically providing explanation of how their special knowledge of how the building will be run and operated may have affected their interpretation on the application of the Regulations, which sometimes means that there are departures from the general guidelines of the Approved Documents.

For Space Industries this encompasses the ethos of Constructing Excellence reducing design time and ultimately construction time which in turn delivers cost savings to our clients.


* Our professional working relationship with Space Industries has confirmed our initial impressions of their organisation being a very competent professional service *

David Kitcatt
Building Consultancy Services

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