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Mezzanine Floors - Online Quote Calculator

Our calculator pricing below is based on average pricing as an 'Estimate' only - for budget purposes. Steelwork prices worldwide are rising at unprecedented levels leading to uncertainty. Please call Space Industries or email your requirements by downloading & completing our Quote Request Form.

We will confirm our fixed price quotation by return (usually within 48hrs). Simply enter your brief project details and you will see an Instant Quote based on the following Assumptions for the specification:

How to use the Instant Quote Calculator

The rates used in the Instant Quote Calculator are correct as of 5th February 2017.

Step 1: Enter your mezzanine's required specification

Site/Business Location


Mezzanine Floor Size




Escape Stair Landings


Access Stair Landings


Exposed Perimeter
Protection and Gates


One Hour
Fire Protection


Fork Lift
Truck Hire


Skip Hire


Building Regs
(excluding LA fees)


Step 2: Enter your contact details

Please enter your contact details into the form below and then click the 'Calculate Costs and Display Quotation' button. We will then display your quotation, together with a unique quotation reference number, should you wish to follow it up at a later date.


Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required fields



To allow for off-loading and installation we will require the uninterrupted use of a Fork Lift Truck (Minimum 2.0Tonne, LPG) if this is not available we can hire in if necessary (please add Fork Lift Truck hire in to the calculator, price of which includes delivery and collection).

A skip is required for the removal of waste from site if this is not available we can hire in if necessary (please add skip hire in to the calculator, price of which includes delivery and collection).


The above quoted price includes generation of structural calculations and steelwork general arrangement drawings. If you wish Space Industries to submit these along with a Building Regulations Application we can do this for an additional fee (please add yes to the calculator to include fee). Our fee excludes Local Authority initial Plan and subsequent Inspection fees which will be charged on in addition at cost.  You may choose to handle this application yourselves.

Should full details showing proposed mezzanine in relation to building layouts not be provided (including smoke detection, fire alarm and emergency lights detail) then we can develop drawings to suit charged out at £65.00/hr as required to complete our Building Regulations Application.


We assume installation in one continuous operation on a cleared and ready site.

We assume existing floor slab and local ground conditions are capable of accepting our proposed mezzanine column loads,

Manufacture - manufacture will be carried out by a Space Industries approved supplier capable of providing rapid turnaround time, full process control and excellent quality.

Bracing - this quotation is based upon the provision of full height cross bracing for lateral stability.

Base-plates size - to size the base-plates correctly to suit the floor slab we need to know the thicknesses of the concrete slab and hardcore and the load capacity of the ground below the slab; where this shows a requirement for larger base-plates than those included above then there would be a corresponding price increase.

For your reference, for a typical industrial floor slab with 150mm thick reinforced concrete on 150mm thick hardcore, with 80kN/m² minimum ground bearing pressure, the base-plate size specified above is adequate.

Where required we can arrange slab core sampling and analysis on your behalf - a quotation for this will be provided on request (typical price is £500)

Column Positions - if the column positions assumed in the stated grid layout are not possible due to floor slab joints or obstructions then additional costs may arise.

Access -  we have assumed a clear and level ( +/- 10mm ) site at the start of installation, with free access adjacent to, and at the same level as, the mezzanine location via a roller shutter door ( or similar) with minimum 3.5m x 3.5m opening, allowing unloading and handling with a single 1.5 tonne counterbalanced fork lift truck.

Power and lighting - we have assumed that a 240V power supply will be available locally for small power tools to be used via a 110v transformer and that permanent or temporary lighting in the working are will be provided by others.

Welfare Facilities  - we assume free use of welfare facilities - including first aid.

Site electrical connection - where an electrical truck is required, we have assumed that site electrical connection and disconnection for the battery charger will be carried out on our behalf by others.

Dynamic Loads - the mezzanine floor is designed to accept static loads only (including a standard 750kg hand operated pallet truck). It is the customer's responsibility to advise Space Industries Limited of any machinery or equipment that may be positioned on the mezzanine floor that could apply a dynamic load.

Point Loads - where high point loads are envisaged e.g. from shelving, racking or heavy duty / powered pallet trucks please provide details of loads and foot-plate sizes for us to check point ('punch') loads applied to the mezzanine decking material.

Fire rating (See quotation below) - it is the customer's responsibility to determine whether fire-rating is needed, although Space Industries Limited can provide advice, and a quotation for fire protection if required. As a general guide -

Building Regulations - In order to submit our Local Authority Building Regulation for proposed project we require and assume the assistance of our client in providing all relevant supporting information covering the internal layout of the existing building in order to annotate suitable smoke detection, fire alarm, emergency lighting, means of escape and in order to generate a design access strategy statement in compliance with Building Regulations and the Disabled Discrimination Act with particular relevance to address the issues in provision of a disabled platform lift. An 'Access Strategy Statement' will sometimes overcome the requirement to provide a Disabled Persons Platform Lift by siting the provision of a General Access Stair (for Ambulant Disabled use) in lieu, and assuming that all facilities and areas are replicated on the ground floor accessible areas as are found on the mezzanine level.

Cancelled Orders - should an order be placed against this quotation not proceed to manufacture we reserve the right to charge for site survey and / or drawings and calculations where applicable.


Please review our full terms by clicking on the following link: Terms & Conditions

Mezzanine Floor Size

Calculate length x width of floor area then deduct any 'cut outs' to give total net sq.m. area. Ensure you measure at proposed mezzanine level & not at ground level to ensure dimensions are back to cladding (where cladding sets back above blockwork).

Exposed perimeters are those to proposed mezzanine not bounded by existing perimeter walls.

For mezzanine area greater than 450m² please contact the office on 01202 400900.


A 'General Access' Stair is always required on a mezzanine floor, this is usually an 'Industrial' stair, unless the mezzanine is for 'Public' use.

Additional staircases can be 'Utility Stairs', either 'Access', or if used for escape purposes only, they can be 'Escape' stairs. See STAIRCASES section for more details.

Escape Stair Landings

For any 'Escape Stair' a mid landing is not required, but for practical purposes a landing is required over a maximum of 25 Rises typically over 4750mm.

'Mid' Landings are needed wherever there is a requirement to turn direction during mid flight. A single mid landing turns 90 degrees & a double middle landing turns 180 degrees. With mezzanine heights above 3m it is advisable to provide a mid landing. 'Top' landings are required where stairs are to run parallel with edge of mezzanine then turn 90 degrees upon arrival at first floor level.

Access Stair Landings

For any 'Access Stair' a mid landing is required over a maximum of 12 Rises typically over 2040mm for a General Access and over 2280mm for a Utility Access. In small premises or restricted access situations a mid-landing can be omitted.

'Mid' Landings are needed wherever there is a requirement to turn direction during mid flight. A single mid landing turns 90 degrees & a double middle landing turns 180 degrees. Part'M' disabled stair must have a mid landing. 'Top' landings are required where stairs are to run parallel with edge of mezzanine then turn 90 degrees upon arrival at first floor level.

Exposed Perimeter Protection

Enter total linear meterage. A hand & knee guardrailing are required to exposed edges (ie those not bounded by existing building walls). (See item 11 of TYPICAL MEZZANINE FLOORS). Add option for steel kicker to preclude falling objects if required.

One Hour Fire Protection

This is achieved by a suspended ceiling & column cladding (galvanised faced assumed with option for pvc white or coloured) provided to the underside plus a fire rated fascia to exposed edges (assumed in calculator to be same quantity as Exposed perimeter). See Fire protection within mezzanine floor Design section for further explanation.

In large mezzanine schemes a Cavity Barrier is required to close off the void between the fire rated ceiling and the underside of the mezzanine decking – this is normally in a maximum of 20m x 20m cells. Include this option if you know that this will be required (if the mezzanine is more that 20m in either direction) If in doubt phone for Technical assistance.

Fork Lift Truck Hire

Generally a diesel forklift truck rated 1.5 tonne lift with mast height to suit proposed mezzanine level is required. Every mezzanine is built using a forklift to position steelwork in addition to being used to offload & handle materials. We require continuous use. Where this can not be provided we can hire in a forklift for our sole use.

Skip Hire

A skip is required for disposal of waste materials and site debris, this is included and based on the size of your mezzanine floor.

Building Regs (excluding LA fees)

Our price includes a detailed site survey & the provision of Structural Calculations with a steelwork layout drawing in electronic form. This can be passed to client to support Building Regs application. Alternately our fee here to compile & submit Bldg Regs application (Excluding Plan & Inspection fees passed on in addition). Note we assume the existence & provision of building layout Plans including the showing of smoke detection, fire alarms & emergency lighting as required to support the context of proposed mezzanine within building. Otherwise we can enhance drawing detail to reflect requirements - charged out @ £75/hour drawing time as required.

Location of Site

To assist us in calculating the delivery charges and labour travel charges please enter either the Postcode of the site (if known) or the geographic location (Town/City).


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