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Industrial Partitioning

Within heavy industrial environments there is often the need to provide a more robust & modular partition system that can also be taken down & re-sited to suit 'evolving' environments. Our Double Skinned steel partition suits these requirements admirably.

Modular self-supporting suspended ceilings with fascias to exposed edges are also provided to create Office or Machine Enclosures where there is a need to either exclude or contain dust & noise.

There are also situations within Industrial buildings where there is no opportunity to stabilise walls at the top as rooflines are at a higher level. The benefit of our Industrial Steel Partition system is that it can be constructed as 'free-standing' within such large open areas.

Space Industries have a number of steel partition systems available; Double Skin, Single Skin and Mesh.

Photographs of Industrial Steel Partitioning are shown below...

ELAN Double Skin Steel Partitioning

Elan is a quality double skin office or factory partition that offers a versatile, attractive appearance for the working environment. Panels can be supplied in a fully fire-rated version to BS 476: Part 22: 1987. Noise reduction capabilities can also be offered.

Contact Space Industries today and see how we can provide you with a flexible design solution to suit the needs of both you & your business.

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Steel Partitioning

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ELAN (Formerly Excalibur) – Double Skin Steel Partitioning - Additional Information

ELAN is offered complete with a full range of proprietary suspended ceilings with tiles that cover the full spectrum of textures and styles. ELAN is a cost effective answer to all your space management problems.

SIGMA (Formerly Sabre) – Singe Skin Steel Partitioning

Sigma is a modular, demountable panel system that can be used for a variety of applications within a warehouse or factory environment.

It is ideal for enclosing working areas where appearance is important but without the extra cost of a double skin system.

Sigma is also widely used for enclosing paint lines and coating furnaces, and allows easy access for maintenance.

In a multi-tiered application, it can be used as factory or warehouse division for as security, dustproofing and environment control.

Other applications include perimeter guarding to automated machinery, robots, conveyors, and for other automated processes.

BASTION – Heavy Duty Singe Skin Steel Partitioning

Bastion is a heavy duty angle-framed, demountable panel system.

The Bastion panels are constructed with a strong 40mm x 40mm x 2.5mm welded angle framework, to which the mild steel panel skins (1m wide and below - 0.7mm thick, 1.2m wide - 0.9mm) thick or mesh are spot welded. The panels bolt directly together with M8 x 16 hexagon bolts. Where needed, extra linear stability is provided by top capping and 40mm x 40mm RHS mullions, fixed to the floor with M10 expansion bolts.

Various configurations are available:

Standard polyester powder coatings:

Sandstone BS 08B17, Grey BS 00A05, Grey RAL 7073, White RAL 9010, Blue RAL 5010

Non-standard colours are also available upon request.


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